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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Sony never nerfed classes without telling anyone. SOE usually gives a forewarning to a nerf weeks before it happens. Sony usually does not change something until its certain its completely and utterly overpowered.

Many spells in this game werent over powered to the point they were rendered useless. Sony takes long periods of time to usually test their changes. The last nerf I remember sony doing was one where they nerfed bards from being able to kite entire planar zones with AOE Songs.
So true, SOE usually has all thier changes on the Test Server so ALL players if they wanted can check them out prior to the changes going to the Main Servers.

Most of the time people claim SOE nerfs is because they actually nerfed a class that NEEDED to be nerfed. I remember when Necro's and Bards were TOO good. When they finally fell inline, people bitched because they didn't understand that the classes were NEVER ment to be that powerful.

The changes I see WoW are just weird... I heard Paladins are overpowered yet haven't heard that they have been weakened yet... don't know really... just what I hear.
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