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Question help! Geforce 4mx 440 64mb running at 32mb!!

Well, some time ago, my brother was trying to play Warcraft 3 in our amdAthlon 1500+ 512 ram with a geforce 4 mx 440 with its full 64mb working on winXP pro sp1.

He was experiencing slowdowns, so I searched in google for a possible cause and maybe some solution.

The fact is that i found that there was a file (whose name and I don't remember) responsible of the 64mb compatibility was causing it.

I told him that he should rename the file, to prevent windows from loading it, and he did so. Yesterday he realized he still have his geforce 4 working at 32mb when he tried to start HL2 (LOL). I completly removed and reinstalled the drivers several times, but it dont seems to solve anything.

Well, my question is: does anyone knows what file could it be or what can i do??

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