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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Originally Posted by Skrot
You just don't understand the point of a warrior. It's okay to admit that you're clueless, you know . WoW is about grouping, and grouping is the most fun. A warrior rocks in a group, if played correctly. Warriors DO NOT suck. Most players of them do, however, suck. hehe
Since you seem to know it all, tell me how to play a warrior then? I mean, I don't think it's too hard to understand that when you have 800hp and 1500AC, you're supposed to be up front hacking away absorbing damage. Gosh, that was difficult.

I mean, you can only do so many things when your main function is TO ABSORB DAMAGE. Wow...I understood that, too. And you can only do so much when your skills/abilities are designed to DEAL DAMAGE or give damage/AC boosts to your party. Man, it's like a're right, no WONDER warriors suck: I couldn't figure out their one-dimensionality at all! They suck because they're boring, not because I don't know how to be a meat shield and click on my abilities when they become available.

Maybe stop being a pretentious ass and back up what you're saying, hmm?

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