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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Bersekers and Wizards/Warlocks got nerfed big time...though i agree with some changes being a wizard myself..i really think they went overboard...

Tradeskills well i wouldnt say nerf per se..because every class got was more of a change on how to make item with now takes a lot longer to make a pristine item..because buffs use up more power an cannot spam it...their reasoning was that pristine items are suppose to be lot rarer and wroth more then norm items...while what was really happening was no one would buy anything unless it pristine..

While i agree with it somewhat..they never made these changes to no one got to test it...and of course there were so major issues..though they did fix it a few patches later...

I know a few other classes got nerfed..but not sure details offhand...but i know those i mention above are the most loudest at the moment

Oh another change and this one was on test if i recall..can no longer buy resources off broker and do wholesaler quests. I think they changed this because societeies were levelling too quick..but the downside is a lot of adventurers who relied on harvesting and then selling lots lots of is better for myself as a crafter...but for adventureres a lot harder.

Despite eveyrthing..thought I am still enjoying EQ2 greatly...overall I am happy with server stability, virutally lag free..and having tons of fun with my guild and the community on our server. I am also enjoying the tradeskills a lot more then I did in any other MMORPG..dont know why but i do.

No MMORPG will be perfect is something I learnt..the key is to make sure you having fun..once you log in and it feels boring and like a job time to find something
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