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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Originally Posted by Skrot
Warriors do not suck. The people who play warriors suck at playing warriors. There is a small but fundamental difference. I still love my priest.
Warriors are supposed to be the Ultimate Tankers. But they aren't when Paladins have my HPS, healing, invulnerability, higher DPS, a chance for more crits, stun, better Area of Effects AND a free Warhorse! What do warriors get? Rend? Hamstring? Thunderclap? yay... What we need is our HPS back. say at lvl 35 i have 1734 HPS. At lvl 35 a Pally with the same gear has 2.1k HPS. Warriors are supposed to be able to run into battle, take the damage and walk away afterwards. We can run into battle, take damage then recover our body. We also have the worst aggro. Solo we have HUGE aggro, in groups we have very little. My worst complaint is that WARriors don't get a WARhorse, But paladins do. We just get a normal steed, Tiger or Mechanical chicken for alliance, Wolf or skeletal horse for Horde. Worst of all, we have to pay extra for our mount. Pallys and Warlocks get theirs for free, Priests, Druids, Mages and Hunters get theirs for 90 Gold yet Warriors pay 100 Gold for theirs. And you say that we don't suck.
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