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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

i have sat there on eq2 for lieka n hour just tweaking the settings and have concluded that it is the shaders causing such a performance drop in eq2. eq2 must have such an inefficient way of rendering shaders which causes like a 35 fps drop. if you have any kind of advanced shaders on your fps will plumit. turn up your quality settings to high quality to see the most effect then go into performance panel. and go to advanced shader distance. put it all the way down so it says -1 watch your fps skyrocket from 20 to 50+. even turn it on to the lowest setting watch your fps plumit once again. the shaders that eq2 uses arent that advanced and have been around for a while and doesnt cause much of any fps drop in any other game i have played like doom 3 and hl2 etc. forcing sm 2.0 does nothing also. turning off advanced shader distance also pretty much eliminates stuttering
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