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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Originally Posted by superklye
Maybe stop being a pretentious ass and back up what you're saying, hmm?
From what I can see, the point of a Warrior in a group is to get and to keep aggro from multiple mobs. There is a night and day difference between a warrior who plays like a rogue (just trying to be a damage dealer, tanking if he must) and one who plays it with skill. I have a friend on my server (Proudmoore) that simply outshines *all* other warriors that I have grouped with, and he makes my job as a priest much less stressful. Using AoE taunts, defensive stance, demoralising shout etc, he can get a large group of mobs to focus on him, and to keep nearly all of them on him, mostly regardless of how much I am healing. Having to heal one or two players for a higher amount is a lot more mana efficient and safe than having to heal nearly everyone at a reasonable pace. Using greater heals instead of lots of renews and flash heals means that I can keep healing in a fight for longer, which is basically required in higher level instances (I'm level 57 at the moment).

It appears as though a warrior was somewhat designed to be a healer's best friend, if played properly . Of course, having a druid or paladin for backup healing is always very welcome.
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