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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Originally Posted by vampireuk
I'm having no server problems at the moment and I've not run into any idiots, those who group like morons get stuck on my ignore list and we leave them to die. I'm currently playing the European final beta as a warrior now and I am enjoying it a lot.

You and I are, apparently, the only two people playing WoW without any problems. Stand tall, friend, for we stand alone. Although, upon further thought, maybe we should quit WoW for another game. Let's not let great gameplay, the ability to solo, tradeskills that are worth doing, superb graphics, a fantastic questing system, a kickass soundtrack, and the overall fun of WoW stop us from going somewhere else. Heaven forbid a company new to this genre make ANY mistakes. *enter sarcasm here*

When S.O.E. first released Everquest, I was there playing it. Most of the time (at least in the beginning) you couldn't stay on the servers for more that 20 minutes without them crashing. Constant nerfs, renerfs, balancing issues and downtime were an almost expected, frequent occurance. As far as I'm concerned, the launch of WoW has been one of the best to date.

You folks complain about WoW every chance you get. Yes, some of the things they do should have been handled in a different way, but I remember playing other games at the beginning as well. Ultima Online. Anarchy Online. Everquest. Dark Age of Camalot. None of them came close to having a fun expierence like WoW when they were first launched.

So let's condem Blizzard for their first mmorpg which, by the way, is one of the best games I've ever played and I'm not alone in this. Let's all stop playing because of a few hiccups in the initial months. Lag issues will be sorted out. Balancing issues will be sorted out. Server issues will be sorted out. I, for one, think they are doing a fine job and will continue to play this game INSPITE of these problems which I don't seem to be having whatsoever.
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