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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf5900
This video is the reason why warriors got nerfed. A lvl 60 wanted to prove how overpowered the warriors were. Blizzard thought that they were fine. As a result of this video, Blizzard OVERnerfed us.

That was just plain awesome. I play a priest and watching that video made me want to log on and start up a warrior. People just get jellous of abilities they don't have. Everyone wants their class to be the best. So when they see another class, like in the video, doing something that their class isn't capable of doing, or they themselves don't have the brainpower to pull it off, they complain. I have no complaints about that video. Let the warriors do it. Let them be able to go out and kill 50 things at once. As a priest, that just makes it more appealing to group with them.

If that persons intent was to make Blizzard aware of the effectivness of warriors, and convince them that they are broken, then that person is an idiot and a whinner. Those types of people take the fun away with their constant bitching and complaining. Even if warriors were the most powerful, lawnmower, deathmachines in the game, let them try to PvP me (or another priest) at level 60. You can't have everything and it sucks they can't learn that.
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