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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

The thing is, warriors are no longer capable of doing that because Blizzard removed the Bloodthirst move from the Beta before August. We can never do damage like that again. The person that created this video wanted to point out to constant whiners and bitchers, that constantly spamming the Bloodthirst and Slam moves, it was possible to go on a killing spree. Blizzard found out about the movie, watched it and Overnerfed us. Our max Damage we can give now is no more than 600 standard 1500 crit. Bloodthirst was completely removed from the game and our rage generation was dropped majorly. We now no longer generate rage from misses, dodges and parry's. This has killed our effectiveness on the battlefield, because our moves DEPEND on rage. Also because of the bug that causes missing sprees (3 to 6 times in a row, which shouldn't happen because missing is on a random generator. The odds are supposed to be 10/250000000 to get 3 misses in a row, yet approx 26.7% of our melee attacks are misses.) we cannot generate rage which makes it alot harder to kill something.
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