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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
This video so would make me quit, Blizzard can be kings of RTS games but this shows how poorly they went into the MMORPG field. I mean WTF? He's slaughtering enemies only 4 levels below him... thats just stupid balancing...
Yes, which is why those abilities are not in the game anymore. That was from the closed beta, and warriors can't do that anymore. In fact, warriors suck so bad now, I can waste them with my Rogue no problem even if they're 4 levels above me. Keep in mind also that the guy in the video was maximum level and probably had some of the best gear in the game. And in WoW, enemies 4 levels below you are generally easy to slaughter anyway, though certainly not to the extent he was doing.
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