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Default Re: Dell 2005FP (20.1" / 16:10) LCD for $559 Today only!!!

Well I got the monitor this morning... Went by DHL and picked it up.

So far so good. This is the first display I've ever seen that has no dead pixels that I can see. That includes CRTs. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that none come up and will watch for them over the next couple days.

Haven't had time to reconfigure and play any of my games. I did watch an episode of Enterprise on it and it definitely looks a bit nicer than it did on my 2001FP. Also, no screen door effect on this one which I'm happy about.

Later today after I get a few other tasks around the house done I'll try doing some counterstrike and ut2004 gaming and maybe post back here tonight with a couple pictures of the screen. I did check for backlight leakage, and there is a tad, but it's not bad at all. Certainly no worse than the picture that was posted further back up in this thread.

Put the 2001FP on my wife's 3200+. Should make her pretty happy.
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