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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

Originally Posted by Elderblaze
Ghost hunter, i did cancel my account in total disgust, because I was having a good time, but the stuttering was to much. I don't pay to tweak for hours on end, and get crap performance. I cancelled my account the day before I got charged for a second month. The comparison between 9800 and the GT just go's to show eq's engine very poorly optimized for new cards. I suspect you'd see similiar numbers with a X800. It's just ridiculous. I dident see much of a boost when I went from an Athlon xp 3200 to my Overclocked A64 3500 (@2.5 Ghz, performs about like an A64 4000)


Well I got no system is running no complaints here. I have no stutter at all(even have fast writes on and I know that causes lots of issues) friend came over who plays EQ2 on a much lower end system..and he said OMG...I need to buy a new system now..he was total shock since he has to play in extreme performance.

Don't know what to tell you..sorry having problems.

My guess is there must be some setting in some hardware that people have one that is causing an issue..what it is I got no clue

Maybe I can make a video of my gameplay and you can check it see if it similar..and maybe i am just not as sensitive..

though i have no clue how to make a video.
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