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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
This video so would make me quit, Blizzard can be kings of RTS games but this shows how poorly they went into the MMORPG field. I mean WTF? He's slaughtering enemies only 4 levels below him... thats just stupid balancing...

Eh it's nothing like that anymore. You can still kill quickly without downtime. But battles last alot longer and its nothing like what you see there. Theres a reason they had a closed beta.

Just wish they wouldnt have added Hunter/Paladin talents so near end game and then never tested them. Paladins had a sweeping change when open beta occurred and they were not the same class they were during release that they were in beta.

don't think anyone disagrees with this, but marqmajere made a very good point. He wasn't saying we should let Blizzard off the hook just because they're Blizzard, but because it hasn't been long enough to really call it one way or the other. I agree with him, it seems like a lot of peoples' complaints are things that will be worked out in time. The fact is, World of Warcraft is a fun game despite its issues and it's getting a bum rap from a lot of people, I think, because it's a Blizzard game. It's the same reasoning that drives people to hate Microsoft or nVidia. I enjoy the game very much, I know thousands of other people do as well, and none of us are "retarded" as you so kindly put it.
I disagree. WoW in alot of cases is getting a bum rep because it deserves it. From server instability to idiotic dev decisions. These are company issues regarding the game. Yes they can be fixed. But will they if people accept this kind of service and say its ok? No they wont. It's not because they are Blizzard. Actually Thats one reason people are disapointed. Blizzard is held so highly in regard that alot of people are extremely disapointed in the company right now. They see(paticularly me) a company that they love and have held in such high regard releasing a product that has many poor factors too it.

Dont think my criticism is selective of Blizzard alone. We have a sticky thread here by me that shows EQ 2 is anything but an angels paradise of MMORPGs. People need to see these things. These companies need to be brought out? Know why? Because in this business reputation is everything. These companies dont want to be embarrassed. When they are they are more likely to fix things.
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