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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

Ronin, if you really did build all those systems the issue most certainly would have showed up. I propose that you sir, simply don't know what to look for. And the scaleability argument is laughable at best. Quake 3 was extremly scalable and ran great from the very start. In fact I think Quake 3 has been the industries most scalable graphics engine ever. And if this engine is so scalable and meant for next years tech, why the hell is it using 4 year old technology? uhh yeah that's real scalable. Truth is any company can release a dog slow 3d graphics engine and call it scaleable. Everything's scaleable to a degree. It's a bs argument. Eq's engine is no more scaleable then Cryengine, doom 3, starbreeze etc. It's just a next gen engine (with yesterday's technology, ironinically) written in C++ modules. Duh.

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