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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

I would like to add that I've tried playing a Warrior, and so far at level 20 I've got to say this is the most boring class I've played so far, not to mention the weakest. I've played a Rogue, Hunter, and Paladin past 20 and haven't had nearly as much trouble soloing as I have with this guy. My miss rate is well over 15%, sometimes over 25%, I miss in streaks, build up rage extremely slowly, can't hold aggro, and 2 mobs of any level will generally slaughter me, since I can't kill them fast enough due to all the missing. "Whoosh" sounds are about all I can expect from combat. It's retarded, now I understand what you poor warriors are going through. My warrior misses more than my dual-wielding rogue on melee, which is retarded considering the miss rate for melee one-handed is supposed to be 5%, while dual-weilding should be 25%.
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