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Default A big moan about today's market

Right, I'm going to have a massive moan.

How many of you out there can say you have been gaming for years ?
I mean, You've seen everything, from the early 2600 consoles, to the early 80's computers,
to the big 80's market crash, to the 16bit pick up era ?
Now how many of you loved those years ? I mean, Really got excited by every game announcement ?
Every hardware announcement, Computer or Console ?

Now how many of you are bored stiff of today's bland, stale, seen it all before, market ?
Well I'm bored of it all.
I have been gaming for 27 years and I have never been so bored today as I have ever been.
The only thing I get even remotely excited about are the PC hardware releases, and even then
it's all more expense.

Look at a lot of today's games and future releases and it's all the same.
Take Unreal Tournament 2003, or Doom3, or Unreal 2, or Duke Nukem Forever (if ever), Deus Ex 2,
Halo, They are all the bloody same. Just dressed in different clothing.
Ok, they all will have amazing graphics, but take that away from them and what are you left with ?
It's like taking a Ford Escort mark 1, and doing a design change, and then saying
"OMG ! Would you look at those new curves, and that new paint job, it's a whole new car", yet it ain't doing anything the first one couldn't do. It still drives down the same roads, has a steering wheel and pedals. It doesn't now fly, or timetravel, or take you to the moon, does it ?

Ok, that was a crap analogy that went a bit extreme, but can you see my point ?
None of the new games are doing anything radically different from the last.
Developers have gotten way too complacent, big headed, Lazy, and boring lately.
How about instead of telling *us* what to do all the time, how about we get to tell our own stories ?
I don't want some geeking nerdy programmer giving me his own dull, and rather cliched Scifi plot driven game. Would you go and see a film directed and starring a load of developers and programmers ?
So why should these lot suddenly think they are directors and actors ?

The same can be said about the console market as well. Infact, it's in worse state then it's ever been.
I have never been so disappointed by a lineup as I am today.
Hardly any of the 3 consoles offer anything new or exciting, with the Xbox looking by far the worst. The fact that MS keep blabbing about the launch titles says it all really.
The PS2 is the best of all 3, but only just. ICO is one game that justifies owning it, and where it seems the developer took a risk for a change.
Risks do pull off, but do they sell ? And is this the fault of today's market ?
If Tombraider 10 sells by the bucketload, and Original GameX sells poorly, what does that tell you about the market ? It's full of casual gamers ? Or full of greedy,lazy developers out for a quick cash in ?

So, where does that leave people like myself ?

Well, I have been getting more and more into emulators. I have been using them since the Amiga days when it had Magic64, and a few Spectrum emulators.
Today, they have all come a long way. They offer instant loading, snapshot saving, better displays, graphical enhancements like 2xSai and hardware stretching. They often have great sound, and can make use of modern hardware like PSOne dual shock pads and steering wheels, etc..
I know emulators have got popular just by reading the many forums. And to see the popularity of old machines still today must say a lot for the strength of yesterday's games.
If I can stil enjoy many Spectrum games, or C64 games, or Arcade, or Console games then surely they must of been special ?

To be honest, the last time I was really excited was when I purchased an imported NEC PCEngine Turbo Grafix (I think they spelt it like that) at a huge All Formats Computer fair in London.
Do we get any of these shows again ? Do we heck.
The Americans are the lucky ones, they get massive fairs dedicated to Retrogaming. Something I would die for to visit.

If you are still here and haven't fallen asleep yet, What are your thoughts ?
And I just an old git moaning ? Or do I have a point ?

Lastly, I hope we can have a friendly, Adult debate that doesn't result in any flaming for a change.
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