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I think it is good.

Obviously if you can/want to spend more time on a review - add the following.

Change CPU FSB speeds - upwards and down. ie, 100 FSB, - normal, pluc OC'd CPU. (even though you are reviewing just the graphics card - i think you are adding value to the review and I am personally interested what is the gain between 400FSB/533/max) If you don't have enough time - just do it for 3Dmark, if you added another game to this I'd be happy

To save time test only one Q3 revised engine game as they seem really similar. - I would do SOF as it is the most demanding it seems, plus Q3.

Instead of it add a few different games which would be nice, as I said earlier but OK - time consuming.

At the moment I am playing Morrowind, and even though they say that the engine is not optimised there is still difference among the systems, so that test be nice - like Mikec did.

Anyway - we readers always want more , just to give you the idea what I would like, maybe you find that some of these will make sense to you as well.

Still great reviewage
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