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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Yeah, Blizzards whole system is a mess. I pretty much given up on my lvl 38 orc shammy and the Ner'zhul server. It's pointless to play with all the problems(now hour plus ques to discourage you from playing) so I started a new toon on a low populated server against my better judgement. Reason being, because when I started Orc shammy on Ner'zhul is was a low pop server so sooner or later this new server will be a high populated server and I'm back to square one. And IMO, blizzard bit off way more then they can chew and it's looking like they're a bit incompetent in running this type of game. Maybe I can try to get my old one switched to the new server and hold out to see if they can fix these many major issues by the time of my monthly subscribtion is up. If it's not fixed on the Ner'zhul server I'll be cancelling for sure. And yes, the forum login in server being related to the gaming server is FRUSTERATING because when the gaming server is down, the forum is down.
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