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The gaming is surely bland, but that is consequence - as with everyday life - game design costs a lot, and investors/publishers are looking for hits, which gives you a hollywood/ music business style development where the public gets what it wants .

But still even though the games seem bland - the rest of the entertainment industy is even worse. Just an occasional upset (a small change) here and there.

But that is all the reasoning c***. Apart from the reasons, we can only try and find something for ourselves in all that.

For me Morrowind was a bit of fresh wind after quite a long time. Perhaps after Deus Ex - the most interesting I tried and I am playing now. So obvioiusly I have high hopes for Deus Ex2, and I believe that some storytelling will come into all that 3D shooting action. And doom III will be at least visually interesting and maybe they nail some good SF story too (as they hired a storywriter as well)... sooo in the meantime - try GTA3.

I am obviously not is so desparate state as you (meaning no hope for getting entertainmet out of the games being made today) but I was almost there -i felt that "wah, this is no fun I have done all this before feeling" - but Morrowind saved me for now.

I think storytelling is needed on PC platform and that will give us variety for a while. What innovations would you like to see?
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