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Default mandatory monthly anti-ATI goodness

After checking the general concensus here:



Well now I can run Doom3, good. But 640x680 is still corrupted in every game that I play. In fact, any mode 800x600 or greater works fine. Any mode 640x480 or lower is corrupted and has been ever since I've used the ATI binary drivers including the one they just released. Does anyone have a solution of has encountered this before?

and here

and here

and here

It seems that ATI finally delivered on performance improvements to ut2004, but Doom3 still sucks on ATI hw in Linux. took ATI over a year and a half to deliver decent ut2004 performance. This release is a step, a very small one, and it took ATI years to get this far.

Add this to no expected support for composite, and an inefficient 2d driver that is not likely going to be useful at _ALL_ for upcoming vector based desktop environments....ATI....YOU SUCK.
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