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Default Need a little help!

Before I post my problem i want to apologize if this post is not in the correct location.

I currently have a geforce fx 5200 card and as of yesterday I have been having problems while playing games. For one thing the graphics are becoming very sketchy (very dismantled, white/black shapes appear). Another thing is when I click the windows button on my keyboard to switch to my desktop from my game, the screen turns black and wont show a picture anymore. Perhaps my card is over heated or something. I tried to install new drivers to this card but when it came time to restart, my computer gave me the blue screen saying that recent devices/drivers were uninstalled incorrectly. I had to click the option that said "Start computer with the most recent settings that worked". I am asking for help as to what I should do. While playing games the card produces weird shapes and figures as I move the mouse and isnt displaying the picture fully. Please help me if you can. Perhaps its overheated? If so what should I do?
Thanks again for reading and sorry for posting in the wrong spot.
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