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It all boils down to money. No new revolutionary ideas, because that is taking a chance. People dont want to spend millions in development for something that could very well be a flop. So, they stay to the tried and true method of games.

There has been slow progression in videogames, and features and fun are coming along slowly but surely. Eye candy is being developed faster than innovation in gameplay though.

I myself like emulators as well, but I really love nice graphics.. so emulators can only keep my attention for so long.

Personally, I extremely enjoy UT even to this day, and am very excited to play UT2k3. It might be the same boring repetitive thing to you, but when you are involved in the communities within these games, and competing within the community, it is a lot more than just run and gun.

I completely agree with the writing aspect. I would love to see a really big budgeted game with an excellent story and non linear gameplay, excellent graphics and lots of innovation. Eventually, things like that will happen.

We are definetely moving away from watching television into true interactive entertainment. I havent watched Television in years myself.. but I digress...

Im not into consoles, because like I said, I enjoy being part of communities online.
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