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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
You know it's sad. I thought "Sony" was bad about nerfing classes. But they have never compared to some of what Blizzard has done.

Warriors = Almost Useless now to incessive and un neccassary nerfs.

Priests = Power Word: Shield Nerf, Mind Soothe nerf, As a priest myself. This Mind Soothe nerf is unacceptable. The spell went from useful to 95% useless. Now I will unlikely use it. Because what? Its hard to use and its more efficient to just kill my way through content.

Warlocks = Charm nerfs!

Druids, Mind Soothe verses animal nerfs!

Shamans = Incoming Nerfs!

Paladins = Incoming Nerfs.

To coin a phrase. "Bait and Switch".

sounds like you are playing "WORLD OF WARCRAFT III"
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