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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Well I started a new character on the Gilneas server and it's been smooth sailing so far! On top of that, almost every single person I've run into has been extremely friendly and helpful. I cleared the Elwynn Forest quests and got to level 12 in about 3 hours with a group consisting of me, (a warrior), a mage, priest, and a warlock. Suffice it to say we obliterated everything in our path. It was awesome.

This contrasts hugely with my experience on Magtheridon, where lag, idiots, and gankers plagued my gameplay. At level 40, my Rogue has completely ceased to interest me since every time I try to do something some level 60 pops out of nowhere and kills me in 2 hits. Oh well, I'm having a blast with my Warrior so far and am very glad I can actually quest in Hillsbrad, Arathi, and Stranglethorn Vale now without getting ganked every two seconds.

In summation, if your experience is bad you might want to try a server change. I know it sucks to have to start all over again but from what I can tell it's worth doing.
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