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Default Re: Dell 2005FP (20.1" / 16:10) LCD for $559 Today only!!!

Originally Posted by |JuiceZ|
Rip, after a few days of use, has yours gotten any better or worse? Just curious.
Can't say yet. I'm still out of town right now. I got to use it for one day and then had to leave on business.

After running it for about 6-7 hours that first day there were still no dead pixels. There was still some backlight bleed in the upper right corner. As far as how bad it was, probably comparable to the screenshot that was posted further back up in the thread. I'm not quite as picky as some so that level of bleed doesn't really bother me much.

After using a 2001FP for quite some time, here are the pros/cons IMO. The 200FPW has no screendoor problem and mine came without any dead pixels so far. My 2001FP had better backlighting but with the screendoor issue and a couple dead pixels. To me, it's about an even trade overall. I don't consider one to truly be superior to the other overall.

We'll see if my impression changes after I've had more time to play around with this display. They do often seem to need a little while to burn in fully.
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