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Default Re: MSI GeForceFX 5900XT to 5900?

Man I had fun with that guide. I spend hours on those latencies, bought an nv silencer, etc. Good times. More recently I did a PAT mod to my mobo, man I had fun with that. This week I switched to Linux, man I had fun with that.
...I like making up problems for me to solve.

59xx bios guide, good times. Thanks again Jim.

Originally Posted by jimmor
NibiTor has limitations with setting memory Timings and Latencies. And only 5900nu, 5900u and 5950u cards can have Core volts of 1.5 set by bios changes !
On that subject Jimmor, what 'does' Nibitor do with 59xx timings? I never quite figured out those A B C D E letters and how they related to X-Bios editor Hex view..

And I'd never taken the time to look at your 3dmark03 score What's your overclock on that P4?
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