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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

I have a 33 Paladin on Frostwolf server. Its one of the servers that is borked right now heh.

I was reading through the first few pages, and I dont think I would have any right to get upset if they took away some of Paladins power. When Im in a fight with horde or NPCs I have like 3 or 4 lives where as they have only one, not to mention the armor on my legs and chest is probably higher than any comparable level horde characters whole body. I came to realise Paladins needed to be detuned when I could roll through just about any class horde around 7-8 levels higher than me with absolute ease, hell a couple weeks ago I killed a 37 Tauren shaman with my Paly and I was only lvl 29 at the time. One would think even if the player sucked that was the higher level, the level gap alone would be enough to beat me.
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