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Default White flashing images in Doom 3

Im getting certain areas of my screen flashing white and then back to color during Doom 3. The outline of these areas is always part of a character or part of an object or a drawn graphic image (these are not random white areas). Does any one know what this means or how to fix it? I have tried many other drivers but to no avail. As FPS increases it gets better but does not go away. Never seen this in any other game. Apologize if this is an obvious sign of something but I am not a computer expert. Appreciate any help you can give me.

System specs:

Biostar M7NCD mobo
AthlonXP 3000
768mb DDR RAM Corsair
XFX Geforce 5700le 256mb
WD 80mb HDD
Creative SBLive value
Samsung Synchmaster 700ift 1028X768 @ 70mHz
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