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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners

lol. i've finally given up trying to get this game to run properly at the recommended settings, i've updated GFX card, CPU all to no avail, the only way i can get this game to run smoothly is to lower the Lighting Quality setting to Low and with all the other settings on very high, it doesn't look as good with no shadows etc but it's much more enjoyable to play now that it doesn't pause, hiccup and hitch anyore, and believe me , i've tried everything from drivers, latency tools, no sound so i'll just finish the game on that setting and then uninstall it. I've read in forums of so many people with good systems that have the same trouble with Far Cry, just one of those games i suppose

If you read this article it pretty well describes how the game plays with the 1.3 patch for me and how one person had these same problems and another didn't.
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