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Default Re: this too low?

Anyways I get 11824 now, up from 11280 with the 2200.

This seems a little low to me, seeing as other ppl are getting 13000+ scores on lesser hardware.

Albatron KX400+Pro mobo
I have the same chipset in my motehrboard (MSI KT-4 Ultra) and like you I also have seen that in my older system with a kt333 and 1900+ and the same 3d card gives the same score or scores with a few points lower. And this kt333 system has lower speed memory pc2100 instead of 2700 and only 256MB of memory compared to 512mb on my kt400 setup. Very Strange eh? Maybe is after all a via chipset!!!

LAST TIME I BUY ONE I tell ya.....then again I am glutton for punishment...having owned kt133a and kt333 chipset....and i went and bought the kt400.....


BTW ARI- what scores in benches like pcmark2002 or sisoft2003 do u get for you hard disks?? I get 390 in pcmark2002 and 13000kb/s in sisoft---absolute crap
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