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Hummm. So what you're saying is they should create a ****-kicking card and sell it at almost zero profit. In other words as cheap as possible. So you can afford it?

Funny how everybody wants that, isn't it?

The world, for next to nothing.

Like if Ford or General Motors sold cars for $99. They'd sell loads! For about six months, until the money ran out.

Face it, if NV30 cards are only as good as R300, they'll cost $399, same as R300. If they're better they'll cost more. If it's a lot better it'll cost a lot more. Especially if they're having yield problems with 0.13u or 500MHz DDR-2 memory is rare like hens teeth.

Doesn't matter if they've lost the performance crown at this moment (and on the basis of cards on the shelves right now they haven't). The performance lead (or otherwise) of NV30 over the market competitors will determine the price. Because some people are willing to pay for the bragging rights...

Just my 0.02.
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