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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners


I came to that same conclusion, although I still feel I've got some performance to be gained. I recently went through the trouble of re-flashing my bios down 2 versions, only to have my machine not be able to boot my SATA disk while other PATA disks were attached. Annoying, because the performance issues I'm having seem to be relegated to the bios revision I'm currently at. Ah well, half the fun is tweaking (until your machine won't boot).
My system specs
2800+ @ 2.318GHZ
4x257HTT, 211mhz MEM, 2-3-3-5
chaintech vnf3-250, 5/07 beta bios
eVGA 6800 GT 415/1150 using extremeG 66.93from valance
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