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Cool 3DNA 3d desktop

after so many failed attempts at a 3d desktop by so many other groups of programmers i think 3dna is getting there (getting it right)

i like it, but not because of the ti 4200 im using to run it.

try it out for yourself at:

3DNA Desktop

the thing about this 3d desktop is that it does not use too much cpu resources, so the majority of your apps will still function normally without any noticeable slow down from 3dna desktop.
for example, i was in 3dna desktop and i made a shortcut to mohaa and when i clicked on it, mohaa came up without a hitch and i didnt have problems running and playing and the kewl part: no slow downs in fps as far as i could tell

with this 3d desktop, there is a lot to be desired but what they got out for downloadable preview right now is still pretty impresive

it does not replace your windows shell (explorer.exe) which i think they should make it do but then i could see that that could cause conflicts with other programs

or maybe not... because they managed to run 3dna desktop over explorer and it's 2d gui simultaneously without too much of a performance hit

a definite desire would be more customizability in look-and-feel, navigation, and keyboard and mouse input controls and hotkeys

theres a lot more i could say about it but theres so much that i cant remember it all right now. check it out for yourself, u may be impressed as well

note: imo, if u r not a 3d enthusiast or 3d gamer u wont be impressed even if u do have a super-duper powerful pc that will handle 3dna desktop easily. u may not feel the need for a 3d environment for an everyday user interface. but with 3dna desktop's near-seamless integration and simultaneous cohabitation of 2d and 3d u may yet be a bit persuaded... or then again maybe not... it depends on your needs and preferences.

for me, i am totally impressed but i admit i wont fully use it until there r more features added that i dont have to wish for in a desktop gui, be it 2d or 3d... (but then, they do have a kind of 'new features u would like to see' category in their forums which they encourage u to contribute to)
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