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Default advertising with flash plugin

Will you please consider making an option for registered users or something, which allows them to disable the showing of the macromedia flash object at the top of the page. I use amd64, so the flash plugin crashes my browser. Because of this I have had to uninstall the flash plugin which means I get a popup window asking me to install _every_ time a page of your forums loads. Fortunately I can stop that by disabling javascript, but then various things on the pages stop working (for example the search functionality). I realise the plugin is probably showing advertising so you may not wish to add the option of disabling it, but I wont see it anyway, and as it is, it is an incredibly annoying. I don't know much (have forgotten a lot) about the html object tag which is used to embed the flash plugin, but I believe it may be possible to add a section of html which will replace the object if the plugin is not installed, without showing a popup. Perhaps your web developers could look into that.
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