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Default 4191 GLUT + modules.conf problems

I have two separate problems with the new drivers.

Most annoyingly, the nvidia module does not load automatically on boot. This has always worked fine before, and works when I revert back to the older drivers. When 4191 is installed I have the following in my modules.conf

alias char-major-195 nvidia

This is the same as how the old drivers use it except obviously the driver name is NVdriver. I don't even know how to start looking for problems here. Does anyone have a link on how modules.conf actually works? I mean what makes the system know it should load the module 'nvidia'? I know I can just add an insmod somewhere in my boot, but I'd like to know how to do it properly

My other problem is with GLUT. After installing 4191 some apps, like celestia and billards-gl failed with a 'GLXBadRenderRequest'. The apps are linked to which on my system is from a package named xlibmesa3. The same package and apps work fine with the older drivers though.

So I'm having to use 3123 at the moment, which seems a little slower (the new 2D work seems to go quite well on mine).
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