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I'll have a look, anyway i'm using official 6693 under Xp and official 64-bit 6111 under linux (some problem with 6693 drivers) altough nwn under linux runs on emu 32-bit.
My idea was something like overheating, because this problem appears after some time that I play. But it is not plain overheating, because doom3 and farcry don't have this problem, and I can't believe they don't "heat" as much as nwn..
Any suggestions?

Thx again

---Hey! I tried a newer driver.. in fact it worked! no more sudden framerate drops: it is ALWAYS slow.
I switched back to older drivers...
Does anybody know if there is something to log in a file the GPU temperature during, for example, gameplay? I know (and I made it) how to do it under linux, but no idea under windows.

I measured the temperature while playing nwn under linux and i got a strong correlation between framerate drops and core temp about 100-105 C (!!) It can be in fact that nvidia chip downclocks itself when it is so hot. Thank you and bye!

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