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Default Re: Disabling PS2.0 on FX5900 made me happy

Originally Posted by rewt
The Ti4200 was a great card indeed. But even with a 4x2 Pixel Pipeline design (same as the FX 5900 and 5950U btw) it still differs greatly in core and memory clock speeds. Also the Ti4200 is not DX 9.0 compatible. Thus it cannot match the speed or quality of the FX 5900.
To be honest, to me the 5900 series of cards is like a Ti4600 on steroids with delusions of grandure.

I love the cards, but PS2.0 IS unusable on the FX5900. As soon as more than one PS2.0 shader is used, everything slows to a crawl. VS2.0 runs fine.

The performance improvement from going from a Geforce 4 Ti to a Geforce FX 59xx is perfectly in sync with the increase in clockspeed. The process is 13microns instead of 15, that should account for the higher clock.

AA and AF have been improved though... or rather, the 59xx doesn't do FSAA anymore, maybe the algorithm is different and the core architecture is the same.

I can be proven wrong of course.

I think the 59xx series is exactly the same core architecture as the GF4 ti, on a smaller process, but they jury-rigged a half-assed attempt at PS2 support and changed the AA and AF algorithms.

Again, I love the GF4 ti and the GFFX 5900! I'm just saying what I think.
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