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Default Re: Disabling PS2.0 on FX5900 made me happy

Originally Posted by FXRunner
I've just done this and am hugely impressed / very happy with the result - as far as image quality goes: the only way I can honestly tell the difference in Far Cry is the lower framerate when PS2.0 is enabled - I lost a fair bit of performance with the 1.3 patch (was never choppy indoors but became so with 1.3) so am really happy to get it back with this fix. Even in HL2 I'm seeing a great improvement in performance (ie. can use higher AA settings happily) with virtually no loss in image quality - thanks Daneel!!.
My pleasure.
Some indoor pipes are less shiny.
BTW, I slowed my CPU to 1200MHz, and changed my GFFX5900 to a GFFX 5200 64bit and kept the EXACT same settings (every thing maxed, texture high, PS1.4 VS2.0) 1024x768 no AA no AF, and Far Cry ran fine. One Gig of ram is the most important thing it seems, not CPU speed.
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