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Default Re: Chronicles of Riddick Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Yonkers
That's becuase you are slow and dull minded.
Look who's talking you red-a**ed communist butt muncher.

Ya most the game left out a lot of information. I just walked around and looked at everything and didn't complete most missions. I was just interested in moving forward.
That's the attitude I'm taking this time through. Though I did want to complete a couple of the side missions in Tower 17. I didn't really want to fight my way through the ranks. I wanted to get caught with the drugs. I beat up the dude in the ring, but it was completely unclear as to how to get the injector. There should have been a hint or something that said, "you may want to kill Asif so you can get the map to his stash, etc, etc."

BTW at the end. DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT! go down the south tunnel with the autobot. Just a little heads up.
Suggestion noted.
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