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alias char-major-195 nvidia

This is the same as how the old drivers use it except obviously the driver name is NVdriver. I don't even know how to start looking for problems here. Does anyone have a link on how modules.conf actually works? I mean what makes the system know it should load the module 'nvidia'? I know I can just add an insmod somewhere in my boot, but I'd like to know how to do it properly
When the user-space app opens /dev/nvidia[0-n] and no kernel driver has registered with the major number 195 yet (the major number of character devices used by the app to communicate with the kernel driver), a kernel daemon looks in module.conf to find which file to load.

I do not know why it doesn't work for you (would need more details), but you can try to load the module at boot time by adding the line:
to the file "/etc/modules". You might need to also add the line:
before nvidia if you compiled the agpgart driver as a module.
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