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Default RH8.0 Does not like Nvidia kernel drivers =(


Iīm sooo tired at not getting anything to work strait away in Linux. But I have struggled on untill now because now I canīt get the Nvidia drivers to work with my Geforce 3 TI200 in RH8.0.

I have followed the guide on this forum and the guide on Nvidias homepage but there seems to be something wrong as I canīt get X to start after I have completed all the steps. It says it canīload the Nvidia kernel =/

I use the Source RPM and when I do the "make" it says it is not known if it will work with GCC 3 because GCC 2 should be used.

I use the GLX tar and it seems to be alright.

What shall I do?
I think I have to reinstall RH8.0 AGAIN (fifht time today).
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