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Angry Re: Debian: NForce2 sound w/Sarge

Thanks for the response Micha.

Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in the NVidia motherboards we've tested. Too much time was spent by my techs fiddling with NVidia's proprietary Linux drivers.

I thought the drivers were poorly integrated into Linux, had weak documentation and no support, and were just too much hassle.

For the few NForce-based motherboards we purchased, what we did to get them working was:

* Dump the proprietary NVidia graphics drivers and use X's own native "nv" driver. This made the graphics work fine, but in a non-accelerated mode.

* Use the Linux kernel's own internal, reverse-engineered "forcedeth" Ethernet driver.

* Use the kernel's own internal, reverse-engineered NVidia IDE support.

* Compile ALSA for the "intel8x0" driver.

This gave us working systems.

Thanks to the lack of Linux support, we now refuse to handle NVidia hardware for customers and are not building any more NVidia-based systems.

The NVidia systems performed pretty well in Windows benchmarks, but I have no interest in supporting non-free hardware, especially given basically non-existent support and headaches involved with running NVidia and GNU/Linux.

Again, thanks for the response.
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