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Originally posted by fishlung
Making great games not only takes money, but also the efforts of many, and several years to create and develop. Sure, it would be awesome, we all wish for something extravagant like what you're thinking of, but let's be a little realistic. Meanwhile, in lieu of playing games you consider mediocre, there's more to life out there worth your time.
My thoughts exactly. Free-form is nice, it really is. But when you consider the time and expense it would take to make something like that, there's no way it will happen any time soon. Video games, like anything else is a business where the bottom line is not what you want, it's what games they can get to market as soon as possible that can make the most money.

I personally applaud Rockstar for making GTA3 as free form as they did. There are so many things you can do, from main missions, to vigilante, to simply reaking havoc in Liberty City that make the game an absolute blast to play as well as something that is totally different from what's out there now.

Don't forget you have games like Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights that offer degrees of freedom and flexibility unlike other games of their genres.

I had been disappointed by the quality of PC gaming, but GTA3 changed my impressions in a big way. I'm so glad they decided to bring it out for the PC.

By the way, I've been a gamer since the Commodore 64 was the top of the line so I think I know my way around PC gaming.
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