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Originally posted by CraigGen
The innovations I would like to see are difficult to explain.
So I'll work offline and come up with some ideas I have been thinking about.

I have GTA3, and I'll admit, it is a great game. Even more so if you have just came from GTa2. Talk about a smack in the face you'll get from the difference.
An almost living, breathing world. But it ain't without it's faults.
Watching as a car approaches, turn your head, then look back and it's been replaced by a truck, or gone completely. The same happens with the people. Also, you can't hide from the cops, and it takes away the realism. Wouldn't it be better if you hid down a dark alleyway and watch as they all drove past, lights and sirens blazing ? Surely that would make a more believeable world ?

Deus Ex, WAS different from the norm. But you still have a start and a finish, a goal if you will.
How about a Deus Ex where you live in a fully breathing city ? Not just take part in a restricted city.
Imagine an FPS game in a Bladerunner city where you had your own apartment, your own job, your own identity. You could spend all day looking out over the city and watch as time went by in your own time, and not have to follow a path or be somewhere at the programmers time. Imagine if you could just go and do as you please ? You could break the law and become a fugitive, and actually become a wanted man. Not slapped on the wrist, have all weapons removed, and taken back to a point in the game.
Imagine if you could venture out into that city and either decide to do your job, or just do a bit of sight seeing.
Perhaps you could hack into a bank, or even rob the bank. Why must we have to just do one thing ? A game would say "Next objective is to hack the bank", Why not be able to say "Sod that, I'm going to blow it up ?"

Don't get me too wrong. I too like UT, Quake3, etc.. But I'm starting to get a bit fed up with the same feeling I get when I play these games.
Sure, what is on my mind is Republic the Revolution... that might be the closest shot to an open ended game when it gets out.

But by the way Morrowind is really open, you have 3000 NPC's and the main story, but you have many factions and even though there is the end for the main story you don't have to follow it at all if you don't want.

I am following it trough slowly at the moment, and I don't fell like becoming a robber, but I can if I want... that game is great, check it out. Of course it is not as action intensive as a FPS, but there is pleny going on and a decent main story if you feel like it. One of the most open ended game so far.

Interesting to check out at least. - perfect - certainly not, but a good refreshment.
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