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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

I've said my peace. I doubt anyone who falls into the category I've already lined up cares, but the people that understand exactly what's being suggested realize the fix/change is not a simple one, and that the fix isn't one (changing from PS 1.1 to 2.0, for example, will not change the issues they are experiencing, nor will changing the line from CPU processing to GPU processing).

The short answer is this. Things are handled the way they are for a reason. Question it all you like, but it's up to SOE to respond. Complain all you like, but I'm going to bet you won't get an answer. Must people always have an answer all the time? Accept things as they are, and move on, or figure out how those of us that have 6800's (several, in fact, in my case) can play flawlessly, so that you can, too.

I'm done with this topic, as I simply can't handle the idiocy anymore.
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