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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

Ronin, I understand application design just fine, I've been doing it for years, and while I don't code any 3d engines or game logic, I've spent enough time staring at code to know a thing or two.

I think it's pretty clear, actually.

You have people bitching and moaning about things they don't know a damn thing about, from graphics/gaming engines to card designs. It's typical, actually, for people to complain about what they don't know about, because if they did, they'd understand better exactly what's going on.

All you whiners that don't know anything, do the rest of us a favor that do and pipe down.
First off, a public message board isn't just for the know-it-alls. While I'm sure you would love to have a forum to come and impart us all with your vastly superior knowledge, and have no one question it, probably not goint ot happen. If you have information to share, other than telling everyone how stuipid they are, and that they should all just shut up, feel free. But if your just here to troll and insult people, maybe you should be the one who pipe's down.

Hears what I do "know", without resorting to saying "ohh I work for X so I know better than you. Considering you have never posted anything to show any kind of technical skill, you could be the janitor at broderbund for all we know. But I Forgot, we're supposed to take your word for it on everything you say. For some reason you remind of me of the Wizard of Oz.

1. EQ2's graphics engine had a percieved major performance problem on a large number of 6x00 graphics cards owners. Not everyone who had a 6800 had the problem or if they did, didn't notice it, but it was there for many. This is most likely caused by the cpu being overloaded compared to the gpu when rendering geometry.

2. EQ2 also had a stuttering problem for some, also not for everyone, but for many.

3. EQ2 had the TWIMTBP logo on it, when it in fact runs BETTER on ATI's hardware. Lumped into this you could put the SOE statements saying how EQ2's graphics engine was designed for the future, and no current video card can run it at full detail, well guess what, no card of tomarrow is going to either if the overall performance is bottlenecked by the cpu at such a low level. And no engine optimized for the future would be runing PS1.1, simply becuase NV and ATI don't tweak thier drives or thier hardware pipeline designs to improve PS1.1 processing speed, since pretty much every game out there that runs exclusively in PS1.1 mode is already plenty fast. Feel free to point out any other current game engines hamstrung in such a way.

4. SOE had an abysmal response considering all these people are paying customers, with ongoing montly subscription costs. The official forum thread got hardly any response at all, and when it did, it just made things worse.

5. Other game developement studio's doing cutting edge graphics engines don't seem to have hit some kind of roadblock with their engines that caused them to hamstring it's performance by loading the cpu with geometry processing while letting the gpu twiddle half it's pipelines doing jack and squat. So either someone there made a bad decision, or they lack knowledge and/or skill

6. Whille your origional post indicating that ChrisRay should have gone to SOE and NVidia first with his findings, so they could start work on a PR statement to spin the information's release in thier favor initially makes you like like you work for SOE, or possibly NV, your subsequent posts have pretty much ruled that out, since I can't imagine anyone working for those two companies would be dumb enough to troll on a message board like you have and insult it's customers. If you are trying to advocate for SOE or NV, your doing a terrible job at it.

I guess you would adhere to the ingorance is bliss concept when it comes to keeping customers happy.

Hat's off to ChrisRay who pulled the curtain back, so to speak.
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