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Default Re: mandatory monthly anti-ATI goodness

Originally Posted by gram_vaz
actually i came from a 9600xt and i ran my ati card well in linux. i never gamed but then linux isn't exactly known to be a gaming os. i stay with windows for my gaming.

lol, why does everyone get so defensive about this? both ati and nvidia make solid cards. advantages and disadvantages with both.

ati = better in dx games, bad linux support
nvidia= better in opengl games, good linux support

now let's all take a breather and stop bashing.
It's not bashing, rather, sneering.

However, I'm going with Sat's opinion that you are an imbecile. If you need anymore convincing, you don't need it from an nVidia forum...go to Rage3d's linux forum and you'll see probably more ati-bashing than we could ever do if we all rounded up and tried. I guess all those ATI users must be fanboys too.
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