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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners

Originally Posted by ripty
ah the pauses, I experienced the same thing. You need to download riva tuner, and set the lower power 3d/performance 3d core/mem clocks to be the same. If you fiddle around with it, you should get a really stable system. Search around the forums for "lower power 3d". I hear this is due to either 1. a PSU not putting out enough on the 12v rail, 2. voltage not enough on gpu itself.

As a note, I didn't update the GPU bios - It was the chaintech vnf3-250 bios that made the biggest difference. I also updated that jpg in my last post, reflecting a 4 count run @ 415/1130. This is pretty much my sweet spot with stock cooling.
I checked with RivaTuner and the standard 2D, low power 3D and performance 3D settings are all set to the same already
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