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I made a symbolic link to the nvidia libGL called to see what the screensavers would do. It actually made one of them work but for the others, they complained they couldn't locate certain GLU functions within This means that those screen savers were hardwired with GLU calls, which is the Mesa opengl implementation and there is no way the Nvidia drivers would run those screensavers.

So what I did was download XFree86-libs-4.2.0-8.i386.rpm which is a package that contains the real from Mesa. I installed that and verified in /usr/lib that the real was installed and that the other Nvidia libraries were untouched. I then tried running kpipes and I was successful! I know the Nvidia libraries are still functional because I was able to run Quake 3 at a decent framerate. The only problem now is that some of the screensavers that use GLU, notably morph3d, run slow. I suppose that might be due to only having a celeron 300 and trying to render a 3d scene at 1280x1024 in softwar driven opengl.
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